The simplicity of Happiness: a walk in Roath Park, some friends and a good laugh

Roath is one of my favourite areas of Cardiff, and I am not just saying it because I live in Roath. Ok, maybe I am, but I am sure all my fellow Cardiffians would agree with me! Stretching from City Road onwards, Roath has some of the best places to visit in Cardiff, one of which is Roath Park. Given that I can be the laziest person in the world, I only went there for the first time this year…

On a boring Spring Sunday, my housemates and I decided to take a walk from our house to this park which I had heard so much about. The weather was an absolute delight that day, it was sunny but not too hot and the exam-period stress finally decided to relax a bit, so it was the perfect conditions for a wander outside the house.

I often like to stop and think about my life and the people I am surrounded with. That walk in Roath Park was one of those moments. I was chatting and having a great time with my housemates when I smiled at the beautiful bunch of people I live with. Olly – the typical British guy who takes all his clothes off to get tanned as soon as a few rays of sun come out, and that day he had just got his chest burned, but nothing can stop him from putting his shorts and sunglasses on to take a walk in the sun. Dylan, the Northern guy. Dylan’s like the teenager of the house, he spends all his time in his room,  then he comes out for a bag of Uncle Ben’s rice and then back to his room. What he does in there, no one knows, surely not his assignments. That day, Alex joined us as well. We didn’t get to spend that much time with her this year, but we still managed to have some really good times together.

Our house is a very big one, maybe not in terms of structure, but surely in terms of people who live and have lived in it. In January two of our original tenants, Gareth and Caterina (Cat) went on an Erasmus experience in Denmark and Sweden leaving us with two new friends to welcome. Strangely enough, Fabian and Elisa, who joined us at the end of January, held the same spot in my heart as Gareth and Cat from the very first moment they stepped into the house. The sense of Family that we developed this year in our house is so strong that I unconsciously know already that whoever will come into 69 Kepp will be welcomed and loved.

So, as I was walking in the park and looking at my housemates, I felt a warm feeling running through my body. I felt it in my hands, in my feet and then all the way up to the tip of my ears, finally I felt in my face and I smiled. I smiled because being happy is simple. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to be happy, that will admit, but if you can find it, then, you can be happy anywhere.

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